Throughout the millennia people have been fearful of the unknown. They attributed awesome powers to unseen entities. Some they named. Many they worshiped. They wanted to be told what they should do to appease these beings … to be on ‘good terms’ with them. Primitives came to expect these ‘gods’ to ‘watch over’ them … now and in the ‘after life’. Imaginative scribes wrote down parables and prescriptions to facilitate this relationship. Many are still consulted.

The veracity of beliefs and who might have the ‘real’ God ‘at their side’ are topics which evoke speculation … tenaciousness … even vehemence. What is important: Are YOU comfortable with the notion that there is a God Who is responsible for all creation? And do you think that creation has a purpose? Yes?

Although you conscientiously use your anthropomorphic imaginings to describe God, to understand God, you can never comprehend what is far beyond you. You are stuck inside your body … for now. Therefore you should pay attention to what you can know … what is most obvious: You are unique. You along with ALL HUMAN BEINGS have abilities that transcend the necessities of the natural world. These abilities help you grow in an ‘unworldly’ manner. The more you use them the more evident is your unique striving for ‘perfection’. You are participating in a ‘growth’ process. AND you can feel certain that it is dependent upon your loving.

Whether you are dumb or smart, rich or poor, you along with everyone else find fulfillment in loving. Nothing else even comes close. Your abilities make this possible: You wonder, you appreciate beauty, you imagine, you make choices, you consider morality, you love more and more and you exalt in joy. You are part of a ‘grand design’ that was meant for you. You are destined for PURE LOVE, a LOVE that will provide you with eternal happiness. Not a bad prospect.

You wanted a clearer perspective or insight into what you are. And now you have it. Yes? You are a sentient being who strives to survive in the natural world but who grows spiritually. And this phenomenon is clearly understood when you appreciate and ‘use’ your unique, extraordinary abilities. All of creation finds meaning in your ‘transcendence’. Have confidence in your ‘reason for being’ and your profound awareness that Love conquers all.

you are a loving spirit destined for joy
committed to caring … more and more
for ‘all’ you encounter
your frustrations and petty concerns are slowly dissolving
you now know what matters most for you is being a loving spirit
you want to love and be loved for eternity
you will!


Edwin O’Shea


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