So, what do you think? Are you unique in the universe? No?

Skeptics: “HELLO.”

There are cynics and atheists who will denigrate even dismiss what is truly only human. They will attribute spiritual abilities to animals. Hyenas laugh. Dogs smile. Ants, termites and beavers design structures. Birds dance. Monkeys perch atop trees gazing at sunsets. It would be nice if other creatures could feel what we feel, do what we do. Watching a chimpanzee design a garden or write a novel would be fascinating. But alas, all animals are determined by instinct and well-defined behavior patterns. They always do what they must do unless of course we assiduously condition them to do otherwise.

You must appreciate the difference between yourself and animals. They are part of this world, lovely and fascinating. You can learn much about them … from them. You can know them intimately … minutely … from their cells and DNA to their survival mechanisms. But they can never know you, much less be like you. For they are within themselves … always. They are part of the natural world and act in accordance with it. YOU on the other hand can rise above this world literally and figuratively. You can CONTEMPLATE all you encounter. You can CHOOSE limitless ways of dealing with everything. You DECIDE. You can certainly react like an animal, but you and you alone in the cosmos have the abilities to wonder, imagine and decide. These abilities along with your sense of moral order and a limitless capacity for loving set you apart from the natural world.

Beyond Natural?

Are you existing now in both a physical ‘sphere’ and a supernatural one? Do your extraordinary abilities help you realize potentials that are beyond anything the world can fulfill? Is your ultimate purpose to love … eternally?

Your abilities are NOT NECESSARY for you to function in the natural world. Creating beautiful images, caring for all you encounter, being in ‘awe’ of it …. these are truly ethereal pursuits. You ‘love’ the mountains, waterfalls, the snow leopard because a very real, motivating vitality in you construes more than the ‘object’ itself. You ‘sense’ order and beauty and POWER. You are ‘enveloped’ in an experiencing that is inexplicable but very REAL. Filling with ‘awe’ and joy when your heart is open to the majesty of creation, you are truly participating in another ‘Reality’ … unseen but inviting … rewarding you with peace.

Think about it. An essential part of you is beyond natural ‘determinations’ and functioning. You are not just an ‘advanced’ life form which has evolved with a superior brain. You are DIFFERENT from all other creatures. You are a spirit, which by its very nature exists outside matter in a dimension some call eternal … existing forever. For what exists ‘beyond’ matter by its very nature does not dissemble.

The purpose of creation thus becomes clear: You were created unique in the universe in order to develop freely your potential to love.

A Big Clue:

Ask yourself: Who are the happiest people in the world? Are they not the ones who love the most? Those who care for something outside themselves? Consider a cat fancier, a devoted teacher, an environmentalist. Does not their commitment give them an unspeakable joy? And loving parents, care-givers: Their patience, caring and kindness bubble into a radiance that transcends the world. They are growing spiritual beings. They are unique.

watch a movie, a romance … you become ‘involved’ with two strangers … you WANT them to come together and fall in love … yes? and if they do and then they are tragically parted, well, you are not happy about this … empathy? Sure, but you truly wanted these people to love … and to keep on loving … forever … you know it is more than just a physical clinging, an instinctual dynamic that you wanted to happen … you deeply wished for what is way beyond this … what is transcendent … you wanted the realization of beauty and love that is permanent … you felt deeply for the burgeoning spirit in others

you can feel it in yourself

think about it.



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