So what is this ‘spirit’? A dynamic ‘being’ integrally part of a mortal who exhibits both animal behavior and abilities that transcend the mundane. Or what YOU truly are: A supernatural being that for the moment finds itself experiencing through animated matter. You are subject to it in many ways. You learn to appreciate much of what you encounter, but you possess abilities that are not part of the natural world. They enable you to be growing in a non-physical reality … far beyond time and matter.


The river run takes you far. But the water remains much the same. You now recognize rocks for what they are: Temporary forms. You know some co-swimmers well … not just their physical aspects but what percolates deep within them. The air is where you take refuge from the monotony. The riverbank images give you hope. You have learned to float. More than ever you are enjoying the ride.


Nothing is more true for you than you are you. Flesh, blood and bones allow you to partake of a transient world. You are always however an individual apart from it. Your unique abilities, wondrous and complex, coalesce into a powerful, vibrant being that finds its fullest expression in loving. Only you are capable of this… for you are a spirit.


Purpose of Spirit: To grow by loving and eventually to experience joy forever.

As in the natural world, growth in the spiritual world is essential. And guess who nurtures your spirit? You do. Every moment of your life. Using your abilities to wonder and choose and paying attention to your insights into what is best for you, you can grow steadily by loving. And the more you love the more vibrant your spirit becomes. This is your purpose … why you exist.

How do you know this for sure? Because sages throughout the ages have said so? Because religions encourage love? Because you read it here? Nooo.

How then do you know that your spirit’s purpose is growth through loving?


Your unique abilities tell you so. For the more you use them the more loving you become. A good example is your appreciation of beauty. Youthful self-centeredness gradually gives way to unbridled enthusiasm for nature’s astounding expressions. Be it a pet, flowers, a sunset, you gradually find more and more joy in appreciating and caring. Something deep within you becomes ‘fuller’. Life truly becomes more meaningful … because your capacity for experiencing beauty increases. YOU LOVE MORE AND MORE. You are growing in the only meaningful, lasting way.

And the vast majority of people recognize this growth. They praise it. They call individuals who are filled with love saints. EVERYONE REVERES LOVING HEARTS. For those who love the most are the happiest. They are fulfilled. You along with everyone else strive for this. Love and happiness are attainable … but you must use your abilities and persevere. You must grow.


You believe in God. You believe there must be a reason for creation. You are in awe of the natural world but you know that everything is in flux … in decay. Nothing lasts. Matter … life and all its forms … these will eventually dissolve. Even the sun and this solar system are destined to ‘burn up’. So the purpose of creation is obviously not the material, not the biological, not the temporary. But there is one entity, only one, that is indissoluble … does not depend on matter for its existence: YOUR SPIRIT.

Is there a silent ‘you’ … ‘inside’ … pulsating with excitement … ecstatic that you exist … participating in a purposeful, ‘otherworldly’ evolution? Much like the ‘natural’ world’s birth and growth scenarios? Yes. A design … a ‘plan’ … is evident:. Extraordinary abilities were instilled in you for your ‘cultivation’ … for your growth.

Every day of your life something or someone outside you is inviting you to care for it:: From the inanimate … the earth and stars … to all life forms. You are the only creature who CARES FOR EVERYTHING. Think of people who are obsessed with rock formations, who dote on ant colonies, who tend gardens with a passion. Many take a keen interest in ancient civilizations. Objects for your affection are limitless as are your opportunities for relationships. You can bond with a cat or dog. You can meet a stranger and almost instantly love them … for whom they are. THE WORLD IS HERE FOR YOU TO LOVE … MORE AND MORE. You can grow every moment of your life!! This is VERY important to remember. For in all circumstances, even the most dire, you can choose to love. And as a person committed to love … you have made that choice!!


extraordinary bliss comes to you occasionally
joy is by far your most ‘moving’ experience
loving others is essential

with an open and sincere ‘heart’ never stop striving
using your spiritual abilities
knowing who and what you are,
a loving spirit seeking joy

You can conclude:

You are a spirit, unseen, with unique abilities. You WONDER, APPRECIATE BEAUTY, IMAGINE, CHOOSE, ARE AWARE OF LAWS BEYOND THE PHYSICAL. YOU LOVE AND EXPERIENCE JOY. You use these abilities daily. And though you must act out through your body, your spirit is not ruled or limited by the laws of nature. You are a spirit, unique in the known universe. You do not depend on matter for your existence. Using your spiritual resources you have a life beyond the physical. By loving more and more you grow. You want to experience joy forever. And you will.

Do you concur? This is why you exist? To grow by loving and eventually to experience joy forever? If so, then it is VERY important that you know as much as possible about loving … to develop the habit of loving. Yes, your world is a demanding place. The allurements and demands can be vexing. But loving is possible at all times. Renew your efforts constantly. Gradually you will find yourself loving more … and more.


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