Simple?  A human being?  God’s creation?  An astounding ‘development’ in the universe?  An awareness with purpose … without purpose??  You should know.  You should be able to answer the question “What are you?”  Mmm?  Perhaps the following will ‘help’.  Hope so.


Hey!!  You can read.  You ain’t no gerbil.  You can sing, dance, howl at the moon.  Nothing you can’t do.  Mmm?  Soo … imagine … at this moment … a little old man is speaking to you:


Nice to meet you.

What a nice face you have; friendly.

And that nose: Your grandmother’s?

Soo … you want to know what you are?

Look in the mirror … is that you?

Yes? Kind of? No?

Let’s sort this out. You need to know.


Could be important … understanding what makes you YOU.

How ‘bout some relevant questions first?

  • Do you think creation has purpose? Do you believe you have a purpose?
  • Do you feel deep down that love is your ultimate goal?
  • What makes you happy? Can happiness last?
  • Does aging threaten you?
  • Do you try to ignore the certainty of death?
  • Does a belief in something or someone assuage your fears, give you hope?
  • Do you have complete confidence that your beliefs will guide you through life efficiently … effectively towards a rewarding afterlife?
  • Has refuge in prayer and congregations provided a sense of purpose, an abiding peace?
  • Does your adherence to what you have been taught about God impede ‘speculation’? Do you think you were created without resources to understand … to progress?
  • Are human beings unique in the natural world?
  • Can everyone find eternal love?
  • Could this be the ultimate purpose of life?


  • Either there is a purpose for life or there is not.
  • If there is no ultimate purpose than all that you do is meaningless. For all earthly ‘life’ dissembles … dissolves.
  • If there is a reason for your existence, it must have something to do with survival beyond the dissolution of your body.
  • You should be able to ascertain how this survival is possible.

Could it be that you possess unique abilities that set you apart from all else in nature?

Might these abilities be unique to you and found nowhere else in the natural world?

Is your capacity to love the most obvious indication of a power and purpose that transcends the mundane and the transitory?

What do you think? Maybe you can find some answers, understand a little more clearly what you are and why you exist. Nothing wrong with trying to make sense of it all. You've been trying for years.



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